Japanese Equity Market Podcast

March, 9, 2018

So, is it OK to take off the tin hat now? Market remains volatile and unable to find it's legs. Overall,  macro stuff ticks along and some stability in the re-appointment of Kuroda at the Bank of Japan. Still....RISK OFF is the pervasive feeling. Good to talk about little known domestic names, popular with Japanese retail investors--who always dive in when markets are down.

David Rubenstein



David Rubenstein - Director of Research, Shared Research
March 9, 2018

Shared Research is company sponsored research. Sounds like that wouldn't fly but let's hear what he has to say. We talk about small caps - 6798 Recruit, 4849 EN Japan, 9416 Vision, 9435 Hikari Tsushin, 5975 Topre, themes like labour shortages, convenience foods for working mums and the wi-fi demands of Thai skiing tourists! Apologies for the varying sound levels. David I think was rocking around in his chair!

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Ziv Magen



Ziv Magen - Nippon Tradings International
January 31, 2018

Ziv and I chat about 2017 real estate trends in Japan, commercial and residential. Ziv also provides us with an outlook for 2018.

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Tim Morse



Tim Morse - Founder, Asymmetric Advisors
January 15, 2018

Tim and I chat about starting a research firm of your own, the impact of MiFid II, and some key takeaways from his visit to Japanese companies at the end of last year.

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